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Hail causes a lot of damage to roofs every year. They can’t hide from freezing projectiles, so they have to endure. Sometimes they do. But sometimes they don’t, and then hail damage ruins the building owner’s month. What’s happening on residential and commercial roofs alike. So let’s start with residential roofs.

Signs Of Hail Damage on Residential Roofs

Depending on the materials and the quality of roof installation, the roof can take more or less damage before it leaks. But don’t test the limits of your roof because that might test your home budget. Insurance companies don’t cover old problems, so you must act quickly.

Broken or Missing Shingles

Call your local contractor if you notice shingle pieces around the house after the next hailstorm. That’s a sign that shingles couldn’t take the damage and your underlayment is exposed.

During severe hailstorms, it happens that a couple of shingles get cracked. That lets wind enter under them. In the end, that causes blow-offs, which exposes more underlayment, and that’s something no one wants.

Dents on Gutters, Downspouts, Flashings

Gutters, downspouts, and flashings are vital parts of the roof, but those are diamonds. Yes, they are durable and in normal conditions and can last for years. However, hailstorms aren’t normal conditions.

Depending on the size of frozen projectiles, gutters and flashings can get away with tiny dents. But in the case of large hail (golf ball and larger), damage can be severe and instant. If your gutters aren’t installed well, the sheer force of that many solid objects hitting them that hard can tear them off the roof.

Visible Damage on The Sidings

Damaged sidings are easy to notice. And if your walls are damaged, so is your roof. That helps people who can’t access their roofs to decide if they should seek help from their roofers.

Even if you can access your roof and aren’t afraid of falling down, we advise you to call the pros instead. Walking on a damaged, wet roof isn’t exactly a walk in a park. Also, contractors are usually willing to inspect the roof for hail damage without any obligations.

Signs of Hail Damage On Commercial Roofs

We know that checking your commercial roof isn’t always possible or easy. But you can still determine if you should book a professional hail inspection.

Knowing the condition of your roof before the storm can help you predict the amount of damage it can take. So if you know that your roof has any of these signs of poor installation, expect problems after the next hailstorm.

Visible Damage on The Sidings

This helps because if you can’t access your roof and the siding and roof material are similar (or the same), you know what to expect. If you see any damage on the sidings, call experienced contractors to check the roof.

Damaged HVAC Units and Other Penetrations

Damaged HVAC units and other penetrations are there after every hail. Even though roofing contractors don’t repair HVAC units, we check them because they show how severe the damage is.

Also, don’t forget that most leaks happen because flashings get damaged, and every penetration needs flashing. If the top of the HVAC unit is damaged, the flashing is probably in the same condition.

How To Know When and If to File an Insurance Claim

Some homeowners call their insurance company immediately after the hail stops without checking if they have damage. Not every policy is the same. Some cover even minor issues, while some won’t get involved over tiny problems.

So the best way to avoid stressing out is to call a reliable Jackson TN hail roof repair contractor. We will check your roof, deal with the insurance company and make your roof perfect again.

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