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Running a business is hard work — and you might even say it’s the ultimate form of multi-tasking. Between trying to understand market trends, building brand awareness, and running your team, a few things are bound to slip your mind from time to time. Don’t let your commercial roof be one of them!

While commercial roofing solutions can last 20 to 50 years, and sometimes even longer, every roof eventually needs to be replaced. Making sure you don’t leave this major project until the last minute is key, and understanding the factors that impact your ideal timing will help you plan ahead.

How do you get it right? Let’s take a look at the key points — and check which ones you haven’t considered yet.

What’s the Best Season for Commercial Roof Installation in TN?

It will come as no surprise that the weather impacts how your commercial roof installation unfolds. Rain can cause delays as the roof deck becomes slippery and vulnerable, while humidity and heat can make commercial roofing materials more difficult to install. Tennessee’s winters, meanwhile, can bring heavy snowfall and ice — and freezing temperatures make roofing materials less pliable, too.

Spring, summer, and fall are all viable choices if you’re picking the best time for your commercial roof replacement in Tennessee, while winter is really the only season you want to avoid at all costs. A reputable, experienced commercial roofing company can still carry out commercial roof repair work during this time, but roof replacements should be delayed until the winter passes.

How Does Commercial Roofing Contractor Availability Factor In?

Tennessee business owners should know that fall is usually the busiest season for roofing contractors in the state — because everyone wants to get a slice of the action when roof installation conditions are optimal! Summer and spring are slightly less busy, but still packed.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get your roof replaced during fall, but it does mean it’s a good idea to schedule your commercial roof replacement well ahead of time. Do you already have a good relationship with a trusted commercial roofing contractor like Titan Roofing & Construction, because you’re diligent about getting regular roof inspections?

Ask us to pencil your roof replacement in, and we’ll choose a time window with favorable weather conditions as the season approaches.

Planning Your Commercial Roof Replacement Around Your Slow Season

Although our seasoned commercial roofing company always works as quickly and efficiently as possible, it’s prudent to keep in mind that the project may cause some disruptions to your daily operations. Commercial roofing jobs can be noisy, and our roofers and their equipment will need access to your building.

That’s why, if your business has a slow season or off-season, you may want to consider scheduling your commercial roof installation during your least busy time — so long as it isn’t winter.

Planning Ahead: Building Permits for Commercial Roofing in TN

What’s the best time for a commercial roof replacement? Ask this question, and many roofers will give you the same smug answer — “When you need a new roof.” As true as this statement is, you have to consider more than seasonal weather patterns and your chosen roofing company’s availability. You also need a building permit, and getting it can take some time.

Not sure you know your way around the required red tape? Don’t hesitate to ask the Titan team how we can help you make sure the process unfolds smoothly!

Need a Jackson TN Commercial Roofing Company You Can Trust? Call Titan Roofing & Construction!

So, your commercial roof is nearing the end of its long lifespan, and you’re researching the best time for your replacement project? As a leading Jackson, TN, commercial roofing company, Titan Roofing & Construction would be more than happy to help you plan ahead.

Why not pick up the phone and arrange for a free estimate? Together, we’ll work out the best time to replace your commercial roof in Jackson with minimal disruptions to your business!

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