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Most people notice that roofers did a poor job months after the installation is done. Sometimes, that’s too late and leads to unpleasant discussions with the contractor.

So we won’t describe signs that show up months after the roof replacement.

We’ll reveal major signs visible right after (or even during) installation. That will give you a chance to react on time and prevent problems.

Rooflines Aren’t 100% Straight

You don’t need a professional roof inspection to notice this. Look at your roof from as many angles as possible – if it seems odd, there’s something wrong.

Any visible imperfections are a sign of weakness.

It’s not only about aesthetics. Your roof keeps you, your family, and your belongings indoors. And if rooflines are sagging, it may be a sign that your decking is damaged.

There Are Damaged (Usually Broken) Shingles Soon After Installation

Shingles aren’t forever. Every homeowner knows they need to replace a couple of shingles from time to time. But if you notice damaged shingles immediately after the installation, your contractor has probably done a poor job on your whole roof.

We don’t want to generalize. There are some great roofers in Jackson, TN. But those who forget a couple of nails do their work only to finish it, not to do it well. So they cut corners wherever they want. In the end, the first gust causes blow-offs.

Also, shingles sometimes get damaged during installation if a team member makes a wrong step, drops a hammer, etc. That’s ok. Accidents happen.

Yet it’s not ok if they leave damaged shingles on your roof, hoping you won’t notice. That’s why we recommend you to arrange a roof inspection immediately after replacement.

Gutters Don’t Drain Water (Even Though There’s no Debris in Them)

Depending on the weather, it may take some time to notice this problem, but it’s so dangerous that we had to include it on the list of red flags. If gutters don’t drain water, your house and foundations will.

The cause is poor gutter placement and/or lack of drip edges.

It’s easy to see if drip edges are missing, so that’s the first sign. But if you have them, it doesn’t mean your gutters are ok.

So we have a simple DIY gutter test for you. Pour water on your roof (not in your gutters) and observe what happens. If you see water flowing down your wall, address the problem immediately.

They’ve Used Your Old Flashings

Flashings are the weakest part of the roof and have a vital role. Their purpose is to make the roof waterproof by sealing the penetrations. Rusted, bent, or damaged flashings can’t do that.

So if you plan to replace your roof, one of the questions for the contractor should be: “Will you reuse my old flashings?”

This is the answer you’re looking for: “Reusing flashings is dangerous because it can lead to leaks. We always put new flashings to ensure you don’t have to call us after the first rain.”

But if it’s too late…If your roof installation is already done, and you can see old flashings – ask the contractor to come back and replace them or wait for leaks. And you probably won’t have to wait long.

You Had To Clean After The Roofing Crew

This isn’t directly related to the crew’s skills, but if they leave your property messy, it might be a sign of poor work ethic. If they didn’t show respect toward your property, they’ve probably looked for easy ways out on top of your house too. Even if the deal was that you take care of the garbage and transportation, the degree to which they clean up after finishing the job shows a lot.

Our advice is to inspect your roof immediately after the installation if you had to waste 3 days cleaning your property after the replacement.

But don’t ask the same contractor to do the inspection. Do it on your own first. And, to be 100% sure the crew was just messy and not unprofessional, call another local roofer to give it a look.

How To Know You Can Trust A Roofing Contractor?

Now that you know how to spot early signs of poor roof installation, we’ll reveal how to protect your home from contractors who’d do a bad job again.

Questions are vital. But don’t focus solely on their answers; focus on their choice of words and body language. If you ever feel like they might be hiding something, run away. There are some great roofers in Jackson, TN. You don’t have to work with those who don’t have your best interest in their mind.

So, ask this before signing anything:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Where do you get the materials from?
  • Will all the material be new?
  • Will your crew do the job?
  • Who’s taking care of the mess?
  • Can we reuse old shingles? (trick question)
  • Will you raise the price in the middle of the project?
  • Can I call some of your clients?
  • Do you have any before/after photos?

One Call To Avoid Them All

But the simplest way to avoid all the trouble is to seek help from roofers with a proven track record. So to be sure you won’t see any signs of poor roof installation, call the best roofers in Jackson TN.

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