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In the roofing world, there are two distinct types of roofing performed on properties – residential and commercial. Residential roofing deals in the installation of roofs for family households, while commercial roofing refers to the roofs found on structures such as businesses and warehouses. This includes the installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial roofing systems.

While commercial roofing shares plenty of similarities with its residential cousin, it could also not be more different. Its price range, the materials used, and even its height, pitch, and design can drastically vary from residential roofing.


Commercial roofs come with their own set of rules. Let’s take a quick look at the challenges you may run into when planning your commercial roofing project, and what some of the solutions could be.

1. Water Damage

No roof is immune from leaks, and this goes doubly so for commercial roofs. Because most commercial roofs are low-slope or flat, they are more at risk of ponding or standing water. This is when water pools on a roof’s surface and has no means of draining itself, thus stagnating and possibly entering the roof membrane. This can lead to leaks and rotting of the internal structure of your roof.

2. Poor-Quality Installation

Unfortunately, not all roofs are created equal. Inexperienced, untrained roofing contractors who are in it for a quick buck may use low-grade materials and improper roofing techniques when installing a commercial roof, leading to expensive repairs in the future for the business owner.

3. Foot Traffic

For commercial or industrial properties that have a lot of equipment on their roof, excessive foot traffic may be an inevitability. This can lead to a damaged roof membrane, and can even lead to someone falling off – or through! – your roof if not properly reinforced.


Preventive maintenance is the key to some of these problems! Here are a few measures you can take for a durable, long-lasting roof for your business.

1. Adequate Draining

Your commercial roof should have a proper gutter and downspout system installed. They should be regularly cleaned of any debris so that water can travel through undisturbed. Maintenance should be conducted regularly, to clear up any ponding water that was unable to drain, as well as to check for cracks or compromised areas that can lead to water traveling and leaking through.

2. Hiring Trusted Local Roofers

You can’t press the “Undo” button on an already-built roof, but you can prevent further issues with a regular maintenance schedule from reputable, trained roofing contractors, such as the ones at Titan Roofing & Construction. Working with the same roofers over a period of time can lead to familiarity with the structure of your commercial roof and all its quirks.

Those same roofers will know when your roof was last checked, what material was used where, and more. They’ll even be able to tell you when a commercial roof replacement or roof repair should be conducted.

3. Installing Durable Material

If building walkways or pathways on your roof isn’t an option, the next best thing may be to install EPDM rubber roofing, or – if you want to go all the way – even metal roofing. Not only will EPDM or metal be able to take the brunt of daily foot traffic, but they’ll be able to withstand harsh weather, UV rays, and even acid. They can be quite the boon for a business!

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