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Leaks are scary. Imagine sitting at home and water starts dripping down your wall. You’d know your house is in danger. Now imagine that happens to your commercial building. That would put you in a different type of danger. Your business would suffer.

If you keep neglecting your roof, your business might take serious hits. That’s why the first cause of leaks on commercial roofs in Jackon, TN, is procrastination.

“Let it Be. We’ll Check it After The Season.”

That’s a dangerous sentence. Not just in roofing but in all aspects of life. Neglecting problems gives them time to grow. And if you hate dealing with tiny issues, massive problems will crush you. That’s why we recommend at least one professional roof inspection per year.

Local roofing contractors know how to notice big problems before they grow. In other words, giving your commercial roof the care it needs might save your building.

So, tip 1 – Don’t neglect your roof.

Flashings and Penetrations

Most commercial roofs are flat and have more penetration than residential roofs. Reading that sentence probably gave you goosebumps. And not the good kind. Everyone knows that penetrations (ventilation, chimneys, etc.) create holes in the roof. Water loves holes.

That’s why old or damaged flashings around roof penetrations are common causes of leaks. Tiny cracks are enough to let the water in. And once water finds its way into your building, it won’t be easy to expel it.

Tip 2 – Check your flashings before the rainy season.

Drainage Problems

Even roofs with new flashings and perfectly placed waterproof membranes can leak. It happens if water accumulates on the roof over a long period. And commercial roofs are flat. They must have good drainage. Otherwise, the water stays on top until it evaporates or leaks in your building.

So what if it rains for 5 days straight and your commercial roof can’t get rid of water?

You can expect problems. Some random stains on the walls… Buckets collecting rain inside the building… All that fun stuff happens when people neglect their roofs and their drainage.

Tip 3 – Ask your contractor to inspect your drainage system during a roof inspection.

Damaged Membrane

Some commercial building owners neglect the problems we mentioned before because they think the bitumen membrane is there, so big leaks can’t happen. They look at the roof membrane as a safety net. And that’s true.

Flat roofs need membranes to be waterproof. But not all seals are created equal.

If roofers lose concentration, they could leave air bubbles in the membrane. And you’ve guessed it – water and air bubbles because those are tiny cracks it can use to take over your building. Roof membranes can last up to 40 years. But their lifespan depends on the weather, mechanical damage, and condition of other parts of the roof.

Tip 4 – Don’t neglect your roof. (Yes, that’s the 1st tip again. Yes. It’s that important.)

How to Protect Your Commercial Roof in Jackson, TN, From Leaks?

The tips we shared are gold in every area. Roofs need care. More importantly, they need care from people who know how to approach them. It’s the same with doctors. You don’t visit a vet when something hurts.

So the best way to become leak-proof is to call an experienced Jackson, TN, commercial roofer to inspect your roof. Do that, and you’ll help your roof more than you imagine. Why? Because that’s how you put the 1st and 4th tip into action.

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