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Rain gutters are well-known to many homeowners. They are the long, hollow objects attached to the edge of the roof and down the exterior walls of your home.

Many homeowners also know that their main job is to collect rainwater and direct it away from the roof and property, thus protecting your home. Therefore, if your home is to be safe and to last for decades without the need for major repairs, a well-functioning gutter system is essential.

Unfortunately, homeowners can sometimes overlook the importance of gutters, or forget to maintain and clean them regularly, which often leads to a series of problems and very costly repairs.

So, to remind you of the vital function that gutters have for your home and give you some tips on how to keep them in top shape, we’ve prepared a short but helpful gutter guide.

Keep reading and learn more about why gutters and their proper maintenance are so important.


How Gutters Work

Gutters collect rainwater from the roof and direct it to the ground through a downspout. When it starts raining, water flows down from the slope of the roof to the gutters, and then it travels through the gutter system to the downspout. Downspouts then carry water from the gutters to the base of the house. There’s usually a splash block at the base of the downspout that further diverts rainwater from the house.


Importance of a Gutter System

Gutters have one job: to channel water away from your home. In their absence, heavy rains can damage your home’s structure, especially your roof, windows, siding, and foundations. Water can pool on top of the roof, causing leaks, as well as pour down the siding and the exterior walls, causing water damages on them as well.

Sometimes, water can even start to overflow around the foundations of your home, penetrating places where it should never be able to reach and causing basement flooding. If it seeps into your foundations, it can slowly weaken the supporting structures of your home. Staining, mildew, and mold may also start to appear in front of your house, and its color can lose its beautiful boldness.

In other words, without properly functioning gutters, you could end up with many expensive and serious repairs. 

With gutters protecting the roof and foundations of your home, you will effectively avoid roof deterioration, leaks, rotting, rusting, damage to your landscaping, basement flooding, and all other potentially serious damages.


Prevent Water Damage with Regular Rain Gutter Maintenance

Every gutter system should be regularly cleaned and maintained, especially after heavy storms and high winds that can misalign your gutter system.

The gutter system should have no holes or gaps and should be properly pitched towards the downspouts. If you notice that your gutters have pulled away from your home, it’s a sign there is a problem with internal hangers or that the gutters are clogged.

Clogs are among the most common problems found with gutters. Shingle grit, pine needles, leaves, and other debris cause gutters to clog, preventing water from channeling away from your home. Cleaning all the debris from the gutters and making sure they are not clogged is, therefore, a crucial yet easy task that should be done regularly.


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