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Every roof has its own issues, and your commercial roof is no exception. Time marches ever forward, and you will one day be faced with a costly repair or even a complete replacement of your roof.

You won’t be happy to hear about needing repairs, but actually – that’s a good thing! If your roof can be repaired, it means it’s still in relatively good condition, and you don’t have to spend even more money on replacing it.

You’re aware of how important your commercial roof is, both for the building itself and your entire business. You are responsible for creating a safe environment for everyone inside, from your customers to your employees. If you ignore a damaged roof, it will cost you much more than repairs in the long run.

So if you’re not sure if you should repair your roof, keep on reading.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

If your area’s been under some heavy rain recently, you may have noticed water stains forming on your ceiling. Jump on this quickly – it’s time to figure out what to do!

The first thing you should know is to never climb on a roof if you aren’t sure it is absolutely safe to do so. Even if you go up there, you most likely won’t be able to tell if it is time for a repair or replacement.

The wisest thing to do here would be to hire a commercial roof repair company. Roofing contractors have an experienced eye and they know when and where to look.

At Titan Roofing & Construction, we will gladly visit your company’s building. Standing or pooling water, leaks, and interior water damage are the most common issues we find on commercial roofs. A timely reaction and regular maintenance schedule will help you avoid costly problems later.

It’s much cheaper to fix your commercial roof than to replace it entirely, so don’t ignore the damage and make repairs as soon as possible. This will save you money in the long run.

The Most Important Question – How Much Will It Cost?

We know this is the one piece of information that’s most important for you. Still, it’s very difficult to give you a straightforward answer, but we’ll do our best to paint you a picture.

The average price range can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. This will depend mainly on the size of your roof and the type of damage it’s incurred. To get a more accurate price, you should contact a professional roofer; many of them offer free, no-hassle, no-obligation quote estimates for their clients. They will inspect your roof thoroughly and finish up with a report that will include their own estimate. The report will give you the information you need to make a decision about how to proceed with repairs.

No matter how overwhelming the damage is, Titan Roofing & Construction will work quickly and thoroughly to prevent it from getting even more serious.

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Our licensed and bonded crew members at Titan Roofing & Construction have over 100+ years of combined experience in the roofing trade.

As a fully insured and certified commercial roofing company, we specialize in different commercial roofing services.

We aim to boost your building’s durability with a roof that’ll last you through thick and thin, so you can focus on the things that matter most for your business.

So if you’ve been searching for a commercial roof repair contractor, you can stop looking – visit Titan Roofing & Construction today for a FREE quote!

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