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Maintaining your commercial roof condition is a way to keep your business functioning productively and effectively. As the building owner, you have a responsibility to create a safe environment for everyone in the building. When your roof is not comfortably safe for people inside the building, it can be a liability for your business. Other than the primary function of a well-working commercial roof, it is also an important asset that will affect the value of your building. With a great roof, there will be great value for your building.

However, it is typical for your commercial roof to have some damage over time. This article has several warning signs of roof damage that you want to look at. If you happen to notice any of these signs, it’s best to call a professional for a commercial roof repair.

Water Damage: Leakage & Mold Form

Water damage is one of the most noticeable issues. You really can’t miss water dripping in your building. Not only is it very inconvenient, but it also can create more extensive damage that will become a safety threat to anyone in the building. Leakage is also the cause of mold growth, which is most likely to spread to the roofing materials and building structure. It can also spread to your furniture, rugs, inventory, and many more. Once the mold grows, it can cause health issues such as respiratory problems, red eyes, allergic reactions, etc. Leakage is a liability if left untreated. The best solution is to call a professional to fix the leakage before it affects and deteriorates your building structure.

Visible Damage: Broken and Missing Parts

The natural force of Mother Nature greatly impacts the lifespan of your commercial roofing. Bad weather is most likely to shake and discharge your roofing materials, eventually creating water damage in your building. If you can see visible damage without a thorough inspection by a professional, it is not a good sign for your commercial roofing. When you notice a curl or missing part on your roofing materials, it means that a part of your commercial roofing is exposed. An exposed area or gap in your roof is an entrance for water and moisture to penetrate the building, creating water damage. If you can visually locate visible damage on your commercial roof, call your roofing contractors and let them do a thorough inspection, as visible damage may come with damage that is challenging to find. This way, they can repair the damage and prevent any potential issues in the future.

An Increase in Energy Consumption = an Increase in Energy Cost

If it is the time of the month to pay your energy bill and you notice an unreasonable increase in your cost, then there may be something wrong with your roof. Many people don’t know that one of your commercial roof’s jobs is to regulate the temperature in your building. In a condition where your commercial roof is damaged, this means that your roof fails to control the temperature. This will then affect your HVAC system because it will have to work extra in order to keep the temperature. And at the end of the month, you will receive a significant increase in your energy bill because you utilize more energy consumption.

The Appearance of Bubbles and Blisters

When you see bubbles of water on your commercial roof, it means that there is trapped air under the surface of your roof. This is usually caused by some damage in the surface of your roof that will allow water to go into the underlayment of the roof material and create water damage in the long term. With the bubbles issue, you will also notice blistering. You will see this when the roof materials are rotting. The rotting process will likely cause a few amounts of water and air to be trapped in your roof. Even though bubbles and blisters sound like a daunting problem, they are fixable as long as you take early action.

The Age of the Roof

The roof is supposed to have a lifespan of around 20-25 years. It is expected that your commercial roof will face structural damage over time. When your commercial roof reaches a certain age, you should regularly schedule inspections and maintenance. This way, you can avoid a roof replacement altogether even before your roof reaches 20 years. Neglecting roof inspection is a way to decrease the lifespan of your commercial roof. In the long term, you will realize how much roof inspection and maintenance cost actually save you from repair bills.

Commercial Roof Repair in Jackson, TN

A commercial roof is an asset to your building. Not only is it a part of the building that functions as a shield from external elements, but the commercial roof also provides comfort. It optimizes the productivity of the people in the building. That’s why a commercial roof can affect so many issues in terms of safety and health risks when it is damaged. One of the most common damages to the commercial roof is water leaks, which eventually will impact the building structure, health hazards, and also the value of the building.

If you notice any signs of commercial roof damage, don’t hesitate to contact a local commercial roof company in Jackson, TN. Titan Roofing & Construction provides quality commercial roof repair work with the best roofing materials and products by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

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