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When a storm hits your area, you can do nothing to prevent it as the weather is out of our control. And, unfortunately, many homeowners will inevitably be faced with some form of storm damage to their property.   

However, there are several ways in which you can try to minimize the scope of damages that a storm – such as a hailstorm, a tornado, or high winds – leaves behind.

Read on to find out some of the basic home and roof upkeep tips that you can put into action to protect your home and keep the storm damages to a minimum.

Conduct Regular Home and Roof Inspections 

Inspecting your entire property regularly for wear and tear is always wise in order to stay ahead of issues, but when you are expecting a storm to hit, this inspection is highly recommended by experts.

This way, you will be able to pinpoint the damages and repair them before the storm causes them to develop further and become much more serious.

Therefore, take a walk around your home and see if any parts of the house need repair. For example, damaged siding or loose shingles are more likely to break free during a storm. This can do even more damage to your property. 

Call your roofer to replace or repair all those loose or missing shingles to minimize the risk of leaks after the storm.

In addition to that, make sure to nail down any loose parts, including fence posts, or replace the broken pieces altogether.

Clean Your Roof and Yard

Debris tends to accumulate on your roof over time and especially during stormy seasons. There could be leaves, water, dirt, algae, moss, and similar, and it is very important to clean them. 

Any type of debris accumulation can lead to structural issues or water damages and potential leaks, and the storm can turn those issues even more serious and costly.

In addition to that, any loose things in your yard or around your home, like flower pots or garden furniture, as well as debris in the yard, should be cleared as strong winds may cause flying objects to damage the exterior of your home.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Not Clogged

A clear and unobstructed gutter and downspout system will help direct the water off your roof during a storm and away from your house. This way, the possibility of water pooling on your roof will be minimized, along with leak development risk.

Therefore, make sure to keep your gutters clean and get rid of any clogs if you are expecting a storm to hit soon. It is also recommended to check if they are tightly fastened together and firmly attached to your house, so that they don’t fall off during the storm.

Final Thought 

Storm damages to your roof and property can be serious, costly, and stressful to deal with, but you can minimize both the damages and the subsequent stress if you follow these tips.

Regular home and roof maintenance and inspection are crucial in keeping your home in top shape, and your best local storm damage contractors in Jackson TN are always here to help!

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