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Discovering Jackson, TN: Top 7 Must-Experience Festivals


The City of Vibrant Celebrations

Jackson, Tennessee is a gem nestled in the heart of the Volunteer State. It is widely known for its scene and diverse culinary offerings. One of the highlights that truly brings the community together is the range of festivals held in Jackson. These festivals not showcase the citys heritage, artistic talents and sense of community but also offer a chance to indulge in the local dining scene. In this guide we’ll explore seven must visit festivals that provide a glimpse, into Jacksons spirit and treat your taste buds to local cuisine.


Rockabilly Festival; Honoring Musical Roots

At the forefront is the Rockabilly Festival, which pays homage to Jacksons roots. This festival immerses visitors in an exhilarating experience of music performed by both talents and international artists. It celebrates the genre that originated in the Southern United States.


West Tennessee State Fair; Family Fun Adventure

For those seeking family fun look no further, than the West Tennessee State Fair. This week long celebration offers thrilling rides, educational agricultural exhibits and live entertainment. It provides an opportunity to appreciate and preserve our regions heritage while fostering a sense of community spirit.


International Food and Art Festival; A Cultural ExtravaganzaA Cultural Blend

Discover a global experience, in Jackson at the International Food and Art Festival. This amazing event showcases the tapestry of cultures that define our city through cuisine, vibrant artwork and captivating live performances.


Shannon Street. Heritage Festival; Honoring Legends of Blues

The Shannon Street Blues & Heritage Festival pays tribute to the figures of blues music with performances. It’s more than a music festival; it weaves a narrative that celebrates the blues history of our city through every note and lyric.


Summer Music Festival; A Symphony Beneath the Stars

As the summer sun fades away embrace the enchanting atmosphere of the Summer Music Festival. This open air event brings together families and friends under a sky to enjoy an array of performances ranging from classical symphonies to contemporary favorites.


Hub City BBQ Cook off; An Extravaganza for Your Senses

The Hub City BBQ Cook off is a paradise for food enthusiasts. This festival unites top notch BBQ chefs, from our region offering a selection of savory delights that will tantalize your taste buds.


The Cotton Festival;

The Cotton Festival is a blend of preserving our citys roots and embracing the possibilities that lie ahead. It showcases captivating exhibits, local craftsmanship and an array of engaging family activities.


In Conclusion; A City that Loves Festivals

Jackson TN is more, than a city; it’s a community that wholeheartedly celebrates the beauty of life in all its hues. These festivals are not events; they are experiences that create lifelong memories. From the rhythms of the Rockabilly Festival to the tantalizing aromas of the Hub City BBQ Cook off each celebration forms a chapter, in Jacksons story. So pack your bags. Prepare to immerse yourself in these festivities!

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