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The History of Jackson, Tennessee

Known as the Valley of the Kings, Jackson is a small town in Tennessee. It was named after General Jackson, the famous war hero from the American Civil War. It is located on the banks of Black Creek and Belle Isle in the south-central part of the state. It is bordered by South Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia in the west and Georgia, Maryland, and Kentucky in the east. It is easily accessible by highways I-TN and I KY.

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The history of Jackson is remarkable and interesting. Early white settlers established a small settlement here, probably on the hills overlooking the Ashley and Tennessee Rivers. Jackson has served as a retreat for Gen. Alexander Ridgway during his retreat from the battlefields of the Civil War. This was the origin of the town’s name, which became synonymous with military success.

Jackson was established as a minor city but later was incorporated as a town. In the mid-nineteenth century, the economy of the town changed. The rise in popularity of cotton gin, foundry, and limestone mining led to the development of many industries in the area. The growth was especially strong in the automobile industry during the early part of the twentieth century. Some of the early businesses in town were cigar manufacturing, grain drying, shoemaking, shoe manufacturing, shoe wholesaling, and a grain elevator.

Jackson is a popular destination for tourists, because of its beautiful scenery, historic architecture, and attractions. A number of museums and art galleries are located in this historic town. It is also famous for:

One of the major attractions in Jackson is the Jackson Hole National Park. The park offers hiking, fishing, wildlife watching, and biking. You will see an impressive variety of wildlife and plants in this area. This natural park is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Another natural park in the vicinity of Jackson Hole is Beargrass Hollow.

As a history buff, you can not leave out the part history of Jackson that includes the struggles of black Americans at the time of their arrival in America. Part of the reason for this is the remnants of the American Revolution and the American Civil War. During the civil war, Jackson and other southern towns became fortified. The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed in Jackson indeed to protect black Americans from slavery. An Underground Railroad operated in the area during the Civil War era, as did a system of post offices.


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