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Discover the Music Scene in Jackson, Tennessee

Jackson, Tennessee is the home of Rockabilly Music and is rich in musical history just like the entire West Tennessee area. The city is the birthplace of many notable musicians known for rockabilly, blues, and gospel music.

When you visit Jackson, TN, you will not only learn about Southern musical history but also catch a festival or two. Here are some music attractions that you can visit when in Jackson, TN in this article presented to you by Titan Roofing & Construction, roofing company Jackson TN.

Rockabilly Hall of Fame and Museum

Anyone who is a fan of rockabilly music will love the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and Museum in Jackson, TN, which was started by a local, Henry Harrison, in 2001. Rockabilly is a combo of hillbilly country and rock-n-roll, which is well known in Tennessee. 

Here, one can take a guided tour to discover the lives of the artists who gave birth to Rockabilly music. Get in touch with the soul of this music’s history through oil portraits, stained glass murals, and videos. Photography, memorabilia, and hits from the 1950s made by Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly can be seen in the halls. 

And if you want to work on your dance skills, you can take a line dance class at this museum on a Monday and Tuesday evening. 

The Carnegie Center for Arts and History

The Carnegie Center is a 100-year-old landmark situated in Downtown Jackson. This building opened in 1903 as the Jackson Free Library, the first library in Jackson. Later on, it was turned into a facility that served as a gathering place for weddings, receptions, fashion shows, musical programs, art showings, business meetings, and more. 

Today, this historic building is known as the Carnegie Center for Arts and History museum, which showcases treasures from Carl Perkins and Eddie Arnold.  The museum also holds gold records, miscellaneous rock music memorabilia, and more. The center continues to be open for public bookings for various events.

The Ned

The Ned is officially known as The Ned R. McWherter West Tennessee Cultural Arts Center, an intimate, high-tech performance venue. The space is complemented by a rotating art gallery.

It is the place to go to in Jackson, TN if you want to see the finest musical and stage acts. Various musical and stage stars have performed here including Jim Brickman, Eileen Ivers, Hal Holbrook, Don McLean, the Blind Boys of Alabama, etc.

Besides live performances hosted in a 440-seat theatre, the center also holds two art galleries for local and traveling exhibits.

Let Your Hair Down in Jackson, TN

While it is interesting to discover the history of Tennessee music through museums and galleries, sometimes one needs to experience the beats for oneself to really get connected with the soul of Southern music. 

Luckily, the vibrant music scene in Jackson lives on and one can find some lively tunes around every corner. From coffee houses with intimate acoustics to a hip-hop club with dancing, Jackson, TN has got it all. 

If you want to hear some regional musical talent that celebrates the rich music history of the area then you should visit the Jacksons Amphitheater at the market. The AMP holds about 11 free concerts a season and several paid ones throughout the year. 

For some old-time string music and contemporary tunes you can pop in at the Casey Jones Village where the Jackson Plectral Society meets on a weekly basis. 

Final Thought

Jackson, TN is a city with diverse musical influences, including country, blues, and rock n roll. While music from Tennessee played a big role in the American music history and still brings the locals together today, Jackson, TN has much more to offer its visitors from excellent eateries, parks to wineries.

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